Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My 2nd little miracle turns 1!!!!!

Its all so surreal... on this day last year the anxiety was KILLING me.. 4 days away from finally meeting my little angel after 6 yrs of a rough and heartbreaking journey through infertility and many miscarriages. Today 4 days from now my 2nd little miracle will turn 1... ONE... It's just surreal. All I have to say is Im grateful to God for the angels in the form of friends he sent me... to pick me up when I just couldn't take the pain anymore... to give me a loving husband who was strong for me when my world crumbled beneath me.. time after time.. hearing the " Im sorry your baby has no heartbeat".. and the horrible letdown when all treatments failed. Yet God did what doctors couldn't even with their fancy technology.... GOD ... God gave me my baby girl! When I gave up on what the medicine world had to offer .. God gave me my baby when I least thought it would happen! Thank you my Lord... Thank you my friends.. for being part of this joyous ending to a heartbreaking wait. 4 more days..... it's been the most AMAZING MOST WONDERFUL YEAR OF MY LIFE!

She is truly my healing baby... the scars will always remain.. but the pain heals as I see her grow.. I will never forget... this made me stronger and gave me a chance to see a world thats many women go through.. infertility and pregnancy loss.... Im here for my friends still fighting the fight.. the pain is horrible.. the wait is even worse... but when it happens.. I cannot begin to describe how WORTH it it totally is!!!

Phil 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”