Monday, December 3, 2012

My 1st little miracle turns 8!

Can't believe that in 13 days my preemie little miracle.. will turn 8. ( tears of course)... what a devastating year... being told I would never have children... just newlywed and anxious to start a family...what a kick in the gut.. when there was something wrong with me... I wouldn't be able to have children.. the look in our eyes... but there was hope.. Dr Gustavo Gonell went out of his way to help us achieve our dream... through his knowledge experience and proactive instincts... we were able to conceive a miracle... a little boy.. what a joy.... we couldn't believe it... on Dec 16th 2004 I was all lazy and didn't want to go to my 34 week wellness appointment.. urged by my mother to go.. I am grateful to God I did go... something was terribly wrong.. thanks to my amazing Dr he jumped right into action.. we were frozen.. scared to death.. and praying for the best.. at 1PM on the dot.. not a minute later.. Dr Gonell yelled " he is here.. a little boy".... I heard a weak cry.. kissed him for a brief second.. and off he was to the NICU... 4 pounds and a half... of pure beauty.. joy... LIFE... I was given the gift of being a mother... the next day to my surprise the Dr went into my room with this tiny bundle in his arms... placed it on mine.. .. wow.... love at first site.. what a true miracle you are Erick... You remind me every day that God DOES exist.. that miracles DO happen... I cannot imagine my life without you... what a sweet noble little boy you have become... I love you to infinity and back.. I hope you grow to be the kind, noble and wonderful person you already are today! 17 more days.. God bless you my son!!!! I LOVE YOU!